July 12, 2021

How Many Pages Is 2500 Words? And How To Gain Popularity As A Writer

Word count is a simple calculation you can do even before writing. But most authors neglect it. They write continuously, pouring out all the ideas in their head until they reach the target word count. Well, keeping tabs on word count while writing can make writing tiring. It could even make a writer appear lazy. Imagine if you have a book of over 70,000 words and plan to write 2500 words daily, and after spending a few hours, you still haven’t hit your daily target. Of course, that would leave any writer frustrated. So, if you’re anything like what I...

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The NYPL is Giving Away Free Summer Book Kits

Starting today, the New York Public Library will be giving away free summer book kits tailored to kids and teens. The kits will include books (for keeping, rather than borrowing), activity guides, bookmarks, and more. You can visit your local NYPL branch in order to claim a summer book kit. Availability is limited to one child per kit, and supplies are limited. You can also download the NYPL’s Summer Learning 2021 materials, including an activity and reading tracker. Find more news and stories of interest from the book world in Breaking in Books. Also In This Story Stream

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