July 13, 2021

Paranormal Experiences in the Works at the Borden House

Smithsonian Magazine reports that Lance Zaal, the owner of Ghost Adventures, which operates ghost tour experiences across the United States, has purchased the house where the Borden murders occurred. The Fall River, Massachusetts house where, in 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered with a hatchet, putting daughter/step-daughter Lizzie Borden in the public eye as the main suspect, has been operating as a themed bed-and-breakfast. Now, Zaal has plans to introduce new paranormal experiences to the house that has become an attraction, including a ghost hunt, themed dinners, and axe throwing. The site might also host weddings. Read more about...

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Michael Horovitz obituary

Michael Horovitz obituary Jul 13 2021 The poet and editor Michael Horovitz, who has died aged 86 after a fall, championed poetry as a vital and democratic force that needed liberating from the academic world and the printed page. His quest began in the late 1950s and when the British underground got under way in the mid-60s he was a mischievous and anarchic participant. Along with Spike Milligan and Vanessa Redgrave, in 1966 he appeared in the New Moon Carnival of Poetry in the Round at the Royal Albert Hall, South Kensington, London, an event at which, according to a...

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5 Tips for Fitting Book Marketing into Your Summer Schedule

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe world is getting busy again, but that doesn’t mean that you get a free pass on your summer book marketing. It’s hard to keep it going when there are so many fun things happening now. But with a bit of strategic book promotion planning, you can dedicate one afternoon to plan out your summer author platform so you can take some time off and enjoy this new, wide-open world.One thing that’s important to remember as you’re planning your summer promotions is that, unless you have a new title releasing (or have just released a book), you...

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