July 26, 2021

How Many Words Is 5 Pages? Read This 

Are you interested in figuring out the number of words 5 pages contain? You’re not alone. In writing, word count is important. If you exceed word count, you may end up boring your readers. So, don’t blame any writer that’s curious to figure out how many words they have reading halfway into a writing project. Having sound knowledge regarding word count can keep you on edge. This article contains information on word count. You’ll be able to determine how many words a 5-page document has. That way, you plan your writing project and deliver it at the set time. Keep...

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There is a crack in everything

I say this a lot: we may write alone, but everything else about hauling a book into existence is a collective endeavour. Then, when we learn that one in four people in the UK is experiencing a mental health problem at any one time, I know that this endeavour needs to be mindful of others’ vulnerabilities, because mental health problems should not be allowed to erode creativity and intellectual resource.

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Love in the Airwaves: 10 Romances with Podcasters and Radio Hosts

No matter the genre, there are always trends in the tropes or character types we see in our books. Lately, there have been several releases that feature characters who work in radio or have a love for listening to or producing podcasts. It’s not an entirely new occupation or interest to feature, but it sure is getting a lot of “air time” recently in romance novels. There’s something about romances where the characters have a “voice-facing” job, talking to strangers over the radio or on a podcast. Often times, their romantic partners fall in love with the voice first, which...

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