July 30, 2021

What Is A Collection Of Books Called?

Every author’s primary aim should be to get their books noticed. And one of the ways to do this is to get the book into a collection of books. It has a big potential to get your book across to your audience. This post explains what a collection of books is, including other crucial information about the topic, so keep reading. So, let’s go back to the question. What Is A Collection Of Books Called? A collection of books is called a library. It stores books in all forms, such as physical books, e-books, and audio books. It also contains...

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Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for July 30, 2021

Today's Featured Deals IN CASE YOU MISSED YESTERDAY'S MOST POPULAR DEALS Previous Daily Deals Black Boy Out of Time: A Memoir by Hari Ziyad for $4.99 I Have Always Been Me: A Memoir by Precious Brady-Davis for $4.99 No Man of Woman Born (Rewoven Tales) by Ana Mardoll for $4.99 Have We Met?: A Novel by Camille Baker for $4.99 Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong for $2.99 Lilith's Brood: The Complete Xenogenesis Trilogy by Octavia Butler for $2.99 The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time #1) by Robert Jordan for $4.99 The Next Wife by Kaira Rouda for...

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Tackling stigma

Piers Morgan really gets my goat. I suppose I should be grateful to have one of the many Twitter accounts he’s blocked over the years. But as someone who works in mental health, Morgan’s relentless stigmatising rhetoric, including his recent attack on gymnast Simone Biles for speaking openly about her own mental health, is something I just can’t keep quiet about (I even dedicated my first book to anyone affected by his nasty nonsense).

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Saddle Up With These 15 Horse Books for Kids

Calling all horse kids! I was you, once. My bedroom wall was adorned with a poster of various horse breeds, I preferred My Little Pony over Barbie, and I was always begging my parents for riding lessons. Naturally, my shelf was full of horse books for kids. I even lived my equestrian dreams when I got to college and took Equitation (fancy word for horse riding) to fulfill my physical education requirements. Yes, you may have to take gym in college. I could trot and canter with the best of them! Or in fact, very, very far from the best...

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