December 07, 2021

How to Launch Your Book and Still Have A Life

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt’s easy to become overwhelmed when launching a new book. It can become all-consuming until the point where it seems your entire world revolves around this one book. But, fear not! It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn from my experience and find a way to have a successful book launch, and still have a life. Your job, family commitments and whatever else in your daily life don’t have to prevent you from book marketing– or from being a successful author. This is especially important during this time of year, when family and holidays should be...

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Texas School District Pulls 400+ Books From Shelves After Governor Pressure

The North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, has pulled 414 books from their shelves for review following a letter from a Republican lawmaker labelling them inappropriate. They are also adding an electronic tool that will allow parents to see which books their children have checked out from the library. In October, Republican lawmaker Matt Krause sent a letter to the Texas Education Agency with a list of 850 books. He asked that every district in the state report whether they had any of the books on the list and how much was spent on them, as well as any...

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