How To Reverse Engineer Your Author Marketing Success: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

how-to-reverse-engineer-your-author-marketing-success-book-marketing-podcast-episode How To Reverse Engineer Your Author Marketing Success: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

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How productive did you feel yesterday? I like starting off asking that question, because it often sets the stage for this discussion. If you’re like most of us, you maybe felt sort of productive, but wished you could have done more. Perhaps that’s a reality, but maybe you aren’t being realistic about where you’re wanting to go with your author marketing plan.

We’ve talked a lot about goal setting and gratitude in terms of succeeding as an author, but this podcast is really less granular and broader in scope. It’s also about the mindset of success and I’m not talking about affirmations, though I love those – I mean being mindful that absolutely everything builds towards your success as an author. It’s really starting with the end in mind.

It all comes back to taking ownership. We talked about this a lot in our goals episode, that you can waste a lot of time getting bogged down by what you’re not doing, or even by what you should be doing – but at the end of the day nothing happens without follow through. Commit to it, in whatever way works to you, and focus on taking actionable steps.

I also want to add – mindset is so important to success. Make sure to find and align with things that make you feel good and want to keep working.

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