February 04, 2022

The Network of Suburban Moms Working To Stop Book Bans

Suburban women are a force. Following the 2016 election, it became clear that the contingent of white suburban women could sway the power in the country. But in the months following, other suburban women knew it was time to step up, and in 2018, a group banded together to mobilize this demographic for good. Red Wine and Blue is a 504(c)(4) corporation working to drive women in the suburbs into action for good. With 250,000 members strong, they’re mobilizing and empowering women who haven’t been or considered themselves activists to get to work in their own communities. They’ve streamlined and...

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The Creative Potential Of NFTs For Authors With J. Thorn And Joanna Penn

The Creative Potential Of NFTs For Authors With J. Thorn And Joanna Penn Did you find this useful? Please spread the word :) I use cookies to ensure that I give you the best experience on this website. If you continue to use this site, I will assume that you are happy with this. Thank you. OkRead more

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Literati acquires Follett Book Fairs

Literati, the Austin, Tex., subscription book box and online book club company, has purchased Follett Book Fairs. The fairs will be rebranded Literati Book Fairs and will continue to service PreK-8 schools around the country. The fairs first launched in 2017 with 180 fairs and then quickly expanded. For its most recent year of operations, the 2019-2020 school year, Follett had some 5,700 fairs booked. But by the end of March 2020, 2,000 of those fairs had canceled because of the spread of Covid-19. Last September, Follett announced it was closing the business because it couldn't sustain the losses caused...

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