February 08, 2022

When You Launch A Book, You’re Basically Starting a Business: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

Reading Time: 2 minutes While some authors are super strategic about what they’re doing – many authors treat launching a book like the Field of Dreams, remember that movie? Sure, It may seem fun just to let the creative juices flow, launch your dreams onto Amazon and see what happens, but we know that that model doesn’t work. Your book isn’t the field of dreams; there has to be a plan to it – and planning, which I know doesn’t sound sexy or fun, but it can really make or break your book launch. To start a business, you come...

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Books Under Fire in Walla Walla, Washington: How To Support the School Board’s Decision

A pair of white women calling themselves “For Our Kids Walla Walla” is staging its second pre-school board meeting public prayer session tomorrow, Wednesday, February 9, in order to create support for removing numerous books from the Walla Walla school district’s shelves. The women filed a reconsideration request for Gender Queer, All Boys Aren’t Blue, The Hate U Give, and The Bluest Eye. After following the procedures outlined in the school district’s reconsideration process, the Library Materials Committee voted to keep the books on shelves. Both women filed an appeal of the decision, and now the discussion is back on...

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