April 12, 2022

Smashwords Founder Mark Coker’s Explanation of Author Branding is Spot On

Reading Time: 4 minutesAuthor branding is not talked about enough and when it is, it’s often glossed over. I’m sure many of you have already wondered how to create a good brand, why it’s important – and how you can drive more reader engagement, and book sales! Mark Coker, who started the company Smashwords, does a great job of detailing why an author brand is important, how to (easily) achieve one – and why it matters! Seven Author Branding Tips: How writers can build stronger brands and sell more books By Mark Coker Readers seek out books by their favorite...

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Whether You’re a Gentleman Pirate or a Blackbeard, You’ll Love These 10 Books Like Our Flag Means Death

Imagine a pirate ship with secret passageways full of fancy clothes, an entire library of built-in bookcases, fine china place settings, and a crew that deals with conflict by talking it out “as a crew.” Now, with the new show Our Flag Means Death, it’s a reality! Enter Stede Bonnett, the self-proclaimed Gentleman Pirate. Unsatisfied with his wealthy, land-owning life at home, he sets sail on his ship The Revenge. Aboard, he wears fancy outfits, lounges in his library, and has a people-positive management style that leaves his crew itching for adventure. Enter Blackbeard, terrifying by name alone. He’s leather-clad,...

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