Why Every Self-Published Author Should Hire A Marketing Company

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As a self-published author it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things, especially the marketing.

And I get it, I’m a self-published author too, so I totally understand the desire to want to focus more on the writing. And that’s why when I need to shift over to doing my own promotion, I don’t actually do it on my own.

I want to be clear it’s not because I have a team at the ready (yes, it’s a great bonus), but the real reason I don’t do all my own book marketing and promotion is because it’s way too easy to get too close to your own work. Especially as a self-published author!

Here are some major benefits to working with a book marketing company and why leveraging the help of a team can really improve your chances at success:

  1. You get some much-needed outside perspective on your unique selling points.
  2. A good marketing team pushes you to be better, they don’t just smile and nod.
  3. You should gain some strategic tips and recommendations for your long-term plan.
  4. You’ll likely save money, with a better potential return in the long-run.

If you’re wondering about #4 let me explain: it can be dangerous as a self-published author to do things on your own, or by going the “cheaper route” if it’s not done correctly.

Amazon ads are a perfect example. More and more companies are going to be offering these services (or variations of a DIY version) now that Amazon has made access easier – but that doesn’t mean they’ll be done correctly – and you may end up blowing through a lot of ad spend while not actually gaining any traction or improving your Amazon Relevancy Score.

why-every-self-published-author-should-hire-a-marketing-company Why Every Self-Published Author Should Hire A Marketing Company

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