June 02, 2022

A Group of Louisiana Libraries Block Cultural Displays

It was announced Tuesday that a group of Louisiana libraries will block cultural displays that highlight specific groups. The announcement comes just as Pride Month kicked off at the beginning of June. This means that Pride Month— as well as other cultural celebrations like Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Cajun heritage, and Native American History Month— will no longer be highlighted in library displays in Lafayette County in Louisiana. Library Director Danny Gillane stated the action was taken to protect the libraries’ collection, saying “I’m doing this because everything’s a fight, and if I put these books out right...

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How to Know if You Should Be On TikTok: Book Marketing Podcast Episode

Reading Time: 2 minutes We thought it was time that we did a book marketing podcast episode on TikTok because while we realize it’s not a new-new platform per se, as social media sites go it’s relatively young, and it’s gotten such great buzz. Especially with the #BookTok hashtag building so much interest for books- which we always love! How TikTok Impacted The Book Industry What really got me really interested in the #BookTok hashtag was when I started seeing specific #BookTok tables at major book retailers like Barnes & Noble. And what was happening (or what IS happening) was...

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