Podcast for Authors: Hiring a Book Marketing Company With Less Risk

podcast-for-authors-hiring-a-book-marketing-company-with-less-risk Podcast for Authors: Hiring a Book Marketing Company With Less Risk

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Hiring a book marketing company is a terrific idea and can be money well spent – that’s why we dedicated this podcast for authors to helping you sort through your options.

But first you have to know what you want, and how to get it.

We take a deep dive into the many available options and show you that by following some simple strategies, you can turn a potential unplanned nightmare into a truly substantial collaboration.

A lot of authors hire firms, and for various reasons, their expectations just flat-out weren’t met. Either their firm didn’t deliver on their promises, or they didn’t communicate effectively with the author. Or worse, the firm’s intentions were sketchy, at best.

Well, I am here to tell you that you can avoid that nightmare.

You’ll learn why it’s important to determine what your goals and needs are. Then, we’ll give you the keys to spotting a great firm. Most importantly, you’ll find out how to spot the red flags.

While the list of things to consider when hiring a book marketing company is extensive, it’s important.

The fact is, if you’ve written a good book that satisfies a market need, investing in some smart, strategic promotion will yield you successful results.

We’ve experienced it first hand and want to make it work for you.

So don’t delay, and use our podcast for authors as part of your success strategy!

Full-length episodes of our book marketing podcast go live every other Thursday. You can stream episodes from our website, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Plus, you’ll want to follow us on your preferred podcast platform in order to catch our helpful- and often hilarious- minisodes that go live every other Friday!

Do you have any suggestions for a future book marketing podcast episode? We would love to hear from you in the comments section!

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