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How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon with Special Promotions

Reading Time: 5 minutesI talk to a lot of authors who want to know how to get book reviews on Amazon, and for what it’s worth I get this question from authors with 50+ reviews, and authors with zero reviews – and for good reason – there’s a lot more to reviews than simply making your book look good. We all know book reviews on Amazon sway other shoppers to buy or not. That’s a given, and that’s why we all want 5-star reviews, even though that’s not always realistic. But what a lot of authors forget about is their...

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Infographic: 6 Reasons Self-Publishing Your eBook Can Guarantee More Sales

Reading Time: 2 minutesSelf-publishing your eBook is a surefire way to boost your sales and drive up your exposure. Really! I can’t tell you how may authors I’ve worked with on their new titles who don’t realize there are some really strategic benefits to doing this. And there are two situations where this is really applicable: Situation one is if you’re using a small publisher or publishing service and simply assume you need to use them for every edition of your book. Part of the allure is the convenience factor. Totally fair! Situation number two is that you’re thinking you...

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Better Book Promotion on Amazon: 5 Simple Reasons Your Ads Aren’t Working

Reading Time: 5 minutesEver since Amazon has opened up their Amazon ads to everyone, we’ve seen a flood of authors start up ads and, sadly, almost equally as many fail. Book promotion on Amazon is important, but it’s just as important to do ads right, otherwise you’re just losing money and getting discouraged. There are a lot of reasons Amazon ads don’t do well – not the least of which is that Amazon ads aren’t easy. They take a lot of effort to both set up and manage, and aside from that, there’s also the ever-changing Amazon landscape. And with...

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Podcast for Authors: Hiring a Book Marketing Company With Less Risk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hiring a book marketing company is a terrific idea and can be money well spent – that’s why we dedicated this podcast for authors to helping you sort through your options. But first you have to know what you want, and how to get it. We take a deep dive into the many available options and show you that by following some simple strategies, you can turn a potential unplanned nightmare into a truly substantial collaboration. A lot of authors hire firms, and for various reasons, their expectations just flat-out weren’t met. Either their firm didn’t...

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NY Book Editors Blog – Free Marketing Tools for Book Promotion on Amazon

Reading Time: 6 minutesEvery author considering self-publishing their book needs to know how to use free marketing tools for book promotion on Amazon. Yes, free! Amazon isn’t just this monstrous platform for simply buying and selling goods. It packs a solid punch when it comes to marketing and promotion tools that really work, and we’ve been saying this for years! What’s more, if these tools for book promotion on Amazon are used correctly, the potential for increasing a book’s exposure is incredible. Using these tools for book promotion on Amazon is absolutely essential! The NY Book Editors blog on how...

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Book Promotion Services: Which Ones Are Right for You?

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere are a lot of book promotion services out, and choosing the right ones are just as important as writing a good book. We all want to see our books sell, but I’ve seen many talented authors with fantastic books fail. They just weren’t organized or realistic about their marketing plan. So if you’re considering investing in book promotion services, here are a few things you should ask yourself: What can you do yourself really well, and what do you realistically need to hire out? Do the book promotion services you’re considering offer clear deliverables and guarantees?...

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Keying into Diversity and Trending Topics: How to get publicity for your book

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen you’re writing fiction, incorporating trending topics, or creating diverse characters – is always such a great idea. But how you get publicity for your book is another matter entirely. Too often I see authors launching their books, very proud of the topic they’re addressing or the characters they’ve included – but with very little thought paid to how this will play out with the readers. Right now, in particular, there’s a big need for diversity in fiction. Even though a lot of industry publications say that “we’re there” – meaning we have lots of diversity in...

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5 Make or Break Success Strategies: How to Market Your Self-Published Book

Reading Time: 2 minutesSo much goes into a successful book release, well beyond writing a good book. So, I’ve pulled together a short list of ideas for how to market your self-published book release that will really help you determine if you’re set up for success, or if you need to take a closer look at your approach. I always tell authors that you want to take advantage of every opportunity to have the best chance of competing with all the other titles out there. And at the end of the day, it’s about convincing people in your reader market...

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How to Sell Self-Published Books without Amazon: One Author’s Experience

Reading Time: 6 minutesI talk to a lot of authors at events, in coaching sessions, even to some who reach out to work with us, who want to know how to sell self-published books without bowing down to the Amazon beast. And I get it. Even though I’m a big proponent of figuring out how to work with Amazon, as opposed to eschewing the site altogether, I’m a bigger fan of education – and helping authors make educated and strategic decisions that are right for them. So, when I found an article by Andrew Couldwell, I thought it had a...

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Promoting a Book on Amazon: Boost your Backlist

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt’s easy to overlook your prior books, but Amazon is a bit unforgiving – so when it comes to promoting a book on Amazon, remember that everything matters. And I do mean everything. Amazon vs. Google In many respects, promoting a book on Amazon is very similar to Google in terms of ranking. So why does this matter for prior books? It matters because everything factors into your Amazon presence. Amazon’s Relevancy Score Google assigns a relevancy score to every single website. If your website isn’t up to par, or you aren’t getting engagement, Google demotes your...

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