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Welcome To Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. These are a few of our favorite things — except they’re actually your favorite things! We looked at the past year to see what the most popular bookish items were on Book Riot in 2021, and here they are for your viewing and gift-giving pleasure. Truly, you can’t go wrong. Happy gifting! Show All Under $15 $15-$25 $26-$35 Over $35 For the person on your gift list that marches to the beat of their own drum, here is a quirky piece of art...

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Texas Book Ban Could Cost School Districts Millions of Dollars in Staff Time

At the end of October, Texas Republican State Representative Matt Krause sent a letter to the Texas Education Agency with a 16 page list consisting of over 800 book titles. He asked school districts to identify if they had any of the books on the spreadsheet, as well as to report how much they spent on these materials. Additionally, districts were requested to identify any other books or materials they had (and how much those materials cost) that may contain topics ranging from human sexuality to “material that might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress...

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Wake Up: The Censorship Has Been Alive Forever. It’s at Fever Pitch Today.

There are a lot of bad takes this week on the whys and hows of the growing firestorm of book challenges. I’m not going to link to them, but the reality is this isn’t new, media that’s reporting on “firsts” for any area are behind the curve by months (thanks, death of local journalism), and no, it’s not school boards who are willy nilly banning books. These complaints are coming from grown adults who may or may not live in a community and more often than not, they’re aligned with right-wing groups funded by a lot of dark money. Moms...

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The World’s Most Glamorous Librarian

At the corner of 36th Street and Madison Avenue on the east side of Manhattan, you’ll find a small campus of buildings that make up one of the most remarkable literary collections in the world. It’s not a university or a museum, but the private collection, now open to the public, of James Pierpont Morgan, the titan of turn-of-the-century American finance and one of the most influential and well-funded book collectors the world has ever known.  Today, the Morgan holds a truly eye-popping trove of literary treasures. We’re talking three Gutenberg bibles, Shakespeare first folios, drawings by Leonardo da Vinci,...

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I’m Getting Rid of My Books

Is there a word for a person that is the opposite of a hoarder? I’m not sure, but whatever it is, if it exists, that is me. I hate when things accumulate, and love getting rid of things, to a fault. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve realized a week or so after throwing something out or giving it away, “Damnit, that could have really come in handy today,” or even had to go out and acquire said item a second (or third) time because it turns out I did need it after all. Why am I so...

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Welcome to Dark Reads Day!

Calling all cold dead hearts: it’s Dark Reads Day! Halloween might be in our rearview mirror, but the nights are getting longer and we’re still lurking in the dark corners of the book world. You’ve probably heard of dark academia by now, but there’s lots more to discover. Today we’re looking at the enduring appeal of V.C. Andrews and why so many kids love dark books. Speaking of, for the Goosebump kids who are grown, we’ve got adult read-alikes! We’ve also got short fiction of the horror variety, goth-y goods for book nerds, and so much more. Grab your flashlight,...

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