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72 of the Most Popular New Books on Goodreads Right Now

Goodreads has revealed the most popular and best reviewed new books of the year so far. To compile the midyear list, the Goodreads’ editorial team analyzed the TBRs of more than 140 million members. The rankings were determined not only by which books were added to wish lists the most, but also by which books received a rating of 3.5 stars or more. Included in the list are YA and adult books, books by familiar names as well as a few debut authors, and a breakdown by genre. Here are the results: Today In Books Newsletter Sign up to Today...

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How to Add a Book to Goodreads

Do you ever wonder how books just magically show up on Goodreads right after they’re announced to the world, ready to be added to everybody’s to-read shelf? Well, actually it’s a pretty simple process to add a book to Goodreads. A lot simpler than people might expect it to be. Who Can Add a Book to Goodreads? A common misconception I see going around is that only Goodreads librarians are allowed to add a book to Goodreads. Or only the publisher will add a book to Goodreads. While both librarians and publishers can and do add books to Goodreads, they’re...

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